Samnam is a Terephthalic Acid manufacturing company established as a joint venture of Samyang Holdings Corporation (the former, Samyang Corporation), Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and GS Caltex Corporation.

Our total production capacity is 1.8 million tons per year and located in Yeosu, Jeonlanamdo. Samnam is the only company in Korea of which it produces SPTA, raw material of polyester goods of new concept developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, technical licensor and one of our shareholders as well. Samnam fully supports to improve competitiveness of domestic chemical fiber industry and contribute to the development of the national economy by providing SPTA with utmost cost competitive and excellent quality.

We have been making customer oriented marketing culture to give our customers satisfaction guaranteed by offering so called "reach and touch service" to our customers that we visit customers and listen to what our customers mostly need from a customer standpoint.
Samnam won’t be satisfied with what we have achieved so far. We will jump to be a global leader of polyester chain industry and keep our competitive edge invincible by upgrading productivity and developing technology of new age and also we are expanding our market to outsider world including China, world most updated market to meet new demand of our goods.


Date of establishment january 11, 1988
Capital 28.8 billion won
Product TPA (Terephthalic Acid)


1.8 million tons/year, PTA 03 million tons/year SPTA 1.5 million tons/year


samnam Petrochemical - Samyang Holdings Corpration 40%, mitsubishi Chemical Corporation 40%, GS Caltex Corporation