Social Contribution

Social Contribution Activities

Samnam Hansarang Volunteer Club

Samnam Hansarang Volunteer Club
  • Launched on October 30, 2004, this volunteer employee club is serving our community.
  • Its membership expanded from 108 to the current 171 people who are serving in three areas: environment, facility, and welfare.

Outline of Activities

Environment Volunteer Group

The group improves children's play facilities, draws pictures on old town's walls, and protects endangered species on the coastal flatlands, among other environment protection and improvement activities.

Facility Volunteer Group

The group repairs civil engineering and electricity facilities along with wallpapering. Specifically, it repairs marginalized people's houses and delivers free briquettes to houses located on mountains or hills

Welfare Volunteer Group

Every month, the group offers side dishes and lunches to poor homes. Every year, it makes kimchi for marginalized people. It also takes marginalized youths on theme outings. Since 2011, it has been serving physically weak elderly people with "silver cars."

Other Activities
  • To boost our corporate image geared towards quality, environment, and safety, we donated KRW700 million for the establishment of an environmental library, and later, we established a relevant exhibition center within the library.
  • From 2004 to 2013, our event for disabled people has been held eight times. One thousand of the community’s disabled people and our volunteers mingle with one another to boost mutual unity and friendship.
  • To foster the community’s talents under our scholarship program, we donated KRW200 million to Yeosu City’s HR Fostering Scholarship Association. Since 1995, we have been selecting students from nearby high schools yearly and offering them scholarships.
  • In addition, we hold the Beautiful Shop, Lunar January Full-Moon Festival Sharing, and Sharing with the Community events.
Fund for Volunteer Activities

Every month, Samnam Hansarang Volunteer Club’s 171 members voluntarily donate a fraction of their salaries, and the company matches these donations in a so-called grant matching system to encourage community outreach efforts.

Future Plan

We see many marginalized people around us, many of whom our helping hands have not yet reached. To help them, our Hansarang Volunteer Club vows to continue its volunteer efforts. Through such endeavors, we hope to create a more beautiful world.