Environment and Safety

Management of environment

Operating environment management system

We have operated and organized managing environment system authorized of ISO 14001 (international standard of environment) from Lloyd’s of Britain in 1997. We also inducted voluntary environment system to make entire members of company be responsible for preserving environment during performing their work in order to maintain environment friendly administration system.

Reduction of releasing pollutants

Reduction of air pollutants

We are trying our best to reduce releasing of air pollutants continuously through extending use of clean energy (LPG, recycle of wasted methane gas) and investing in pollution control facilities intensively.

Reduction of water pollutants

Waste water is being treated to minimize loads of pollutants by 4 stages physically and chemically, and even the treated water waste is being reused through water waste recycling facility (1,500 tons/day) to prevent environmental pollution and save resources.

Reduction of amount of released waste

We treats more than 95% of waste by ourselves by installing TA collecting facilities from original solvent to reduce volume of released waste and establishing and operating incineration facilities.

Activity of managing environment

When there are any changes of process, new expansion, introduction of new material, We make it systemize that we should perform a preceding valuation of environmental effect and reflect results of the valuation. And we set up internal standard as 50~80% of regulative standard to manage it strictly for operating environmental facilities. In case of any problems caused of environmental facility, we will take honest efforts to make our working place as clean as possible , without any popular complaints finding a solution taking countermeasures by reconstruction and improvement through intensive investment.

Environmental activity for local society

We are performing several activities like Responsible Care activity to have public confidence of local residents and to fulfill social responsibility of an enterprise. We are participating in ‘ one company, one river’ and ‘one company, one shore’ campaign to improve quality of local environment and to preserve an ecosystem of the ocean. We are also fully supportive at activities of environmental conference, environmental technology development center for local community and environmental cooperative committee and etc.